Boutique dog accommodation for your beloved companions.


baxters boutique dog accommodation


In the autumn of 2001 we welcomed our first miniature Schnauzer, Baxter into our lives. He was a little bit of an odd ball, but had manners like a perfect gentleman, seemingly born that way. We never had to teach Baxter to do anything. He just did it. He was the most patient, loving dog anyone could ever want (not to mention extremely eccentric) and by example taught us who we should strive to be.

We have since had to say goodbye to our Baxter but wanted to have him live on through a legacy that he would have loved. A little bit of Baxter’s magic rubbed off on the siblings that followed after him – we now have 4 miniature Schnauzers and our lovely old Labrador lady who will run the hotel the way our Baxter would have.


Our Hotel caters specifically for non-aggressive small to medium sized breed dogs who are accustomed to be part of a family and are used to be a part of family life – being allowed to be on furniture, sleep on mom and dad’s bed- and lives indoors in the lap of luxury.

At our Boutique hotel you can only expect the very best for your beloved companions. We strive to provide service and hospitality the Baxter’s way.

At Baxter’s, family members stay together. Family members will be sharing a cottage and garden like they do at home.
Each guest have their own room, private garden, handmade furniture, heating, cooling, a carpet to stretch out on, and toys to chew on! They will go on frequent walks, have individual attention and lots of love!

baxters boutique dog accommodation


Executive Committee:

baxters boutique dog accommodation

Candice (Candice of Keystone)

Chief Executive Officer

baxters boutique dog accommodation

Zorro (CH Keystone Black Lava)

Chief Operating Officer

baxters boutique dog accommodation

Jessie (Jess of Keystone)

Chief in Charge of Hugs & Kisses

boutique dog hotel staff

Zoè aka Mouse (Zoé of Keystone)

Court Jester

boutique dog hotel staff

Leila the Labby (Feniscowles Tristina of Heatherbourne)

Hospitality Manager

baxters boutique dog accommodation


Office Manager & Chief Feline Officer

baxters boutique dog accommodation




Housekeeping and Admin: Deoné Longstaff
Assistant of the Executive Committee: David Longstaff