About Pikkie and Licks

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As our Summer turned to autumn Morris and I became a little bit famous. Morris tells me every night when we go to bed. He won’t let me forget it. With winter fast approaching we had some visitors again, who mom and I were happy to have! Morris can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to visitors; he only likes the beautiful girls and flirts with them every chance he gets. He thinks he is just too handsome, and mom doesn’t tell him any different.


Our guests became less again, and mom was worried. Sometimes she will sit typing on her computer and sigh. Then look at us as though she doesn’t really see us and keep on doing her work. A couple of weeks ago mom told dad she refuses to watch the news anymore. She says it makes her depressed. So, she stopped. Every morning with her morning coffee she would sit with us while we have breakfast and smile at us when we chomp away at our food. Morris still gets away with only eating homecooked food and ignoring his kibble when it suits him.


Then, one night when we were settling in for bed, mom came to ask us a favor. She wanted to know if we would manage having another roommate. One of our guests needed a home, and so, here we are. How could we refuse?


Luckily, we know our new brother all too well. His name is Pikkie and he goes by the surname of Pomeranian.

Pikkie have stayed with us often and I remember him staying here when my legs were still in bandages. He’s a real gentleman and Morris’ best man friend.


Pikkie never cared if his mom dropped him off to come and stay, but the day she brought all his toys and beds and blankets with him he was sad. He didn’t want to play with us or eat his food and that night he lay outside on the grass until the moon was high in the sky. Finally, when he came inside our room, his eyes were sad, and he went to his bed but fiddled around the whole night and didn’t seem to be able to have a restful sleep. The next morning mom picked him up for extra cuddles and after breakfast Morris and I had a secret conversation wondering whether we should tell him he’s going to stay forever. We didn’t have to. He knew.


He wasn’t in the mood for playing like always when he’s visiting and lay by the garden gate staring into nothing the whole day. That night mom picked him up and gave him a big hug, holding him tight. She told him he’s not alone in the world and has a family. We are his new family, and we love him. He understood. He ate his food and went straight to his bed. Morris thought it was a good idea to cuddle up with him for the night, and the two had whispering conversations for a long while before finally giving up and falling asleep.

In the few weeks that Pikkie has been with us he’s become a lot more talkative and I have to sometimes leave my bed and go outside for a bit of quiet time when he and Morris start telling manly stories.


Mom and I have our girl time every day. She always makes sure my eyes are clean and my breath doesn’t smell. My toenails are short and shiny and brushing is my favourite thing to do! When we do this, she talks to me. About all the things that makes her happy, the things that makes her sad, and the dreams she has for us. This morning she was sad. “Look,” she said, pointing at the cottages in the garden, “no guests.” We sat on the step in front of the office with her arm around me and she pressed her head against mine. “Just think what our little hotel would have been like if the “thing” never happened.”

I looked out into the garden and remember how it quite recently still was, and without a doubt, I know deep in my Annie heart that it will be like it was again; a busy, bustling, bubbly place full of good energy and happy barks. Everyone loves it here so how can it not be?


Ours is a place that was meant to be. I couldn’t hug mom back but did what I know how to; I lick. A lick saved my life, and today, I would like to think that I saved my mom’s.


Ps: After much deliberation Morris and I have decided that Pikkie needs to earn his keep. If you have any suggestions as to what position he might be good at at our hotel, please send us an email to: annie@baxters.co.za.

Our new Roommate Pikkie