Being Annie – New Beginnings

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27 August 2019
My life began a few days ago. No, I am not a puppy, I have seen some days & months. These months have not been kind to me. I was just a dog. Left to my own devices. Whether I was home or not made no difference to my people. I existed from day to day. I ate scraps and as I matured I started scavenging. One morning my scavenging took me across a busy road. There I met my life changer… I met a car with an uncaring human head on. I meant so little he just kept driving after he hit me. My world spun and I thought my heart would stop.
Then something happened… an angel swooped down and folded her wings around me. I saw her face and felt her touch but my pain was so intense I couldn’t understand that she was going to change my life at that moment.
I saw another angel appear and I felt them pick me up and carry me to the car. My head was spinning and my body felt broken. The next thing I remember was being in a room where many angels gathered and they all spoke softly and made me go to sleep. I woke up later and even though I was in a lot of pain, I was sleeping on a blanket in a warm room and this was a first for me.
From there I only remember good things happening to me. I had water, I was given food, people spoke to me in a soothing voice and even though I was scared I loved it.
Everyday I watched and saw kind people come and go. I didn’t get hungry or cold and never once was I ignored. I started relaxing and as I let my guard down a little my life changed again. I was put into the same car I arrived in and my whole world came crashing down. My heart was beating so fast it was drumming in my ears. I thought I was going back to my life of being invisible.
When the car stopped I felt my whole body go tense. My legs was in a bandages so I couldn’t run away. I was picked up and taken to a place I had never seen before. It looked like dog heaven. I had a bed and toys and biscuits but most of all I met another angel. One that has soft blue eyes and a kind soul, one that speaks and understands dog language. This place had a smell like no other place I have ever been. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Since that day, everyday my life has been a day better than ever before. I have food and a bed. I am content and I am starting to develop a personality. I feel like I am no longer “ unseen”.
The moral of the story is that sometimes something bad happens to make space for something good to take its place. My life changed when I met that car head on that fateful morning.
I am but a no name brand dog and my life began a few days ago. My story will not end here. I am one of the lucky ones…

With grateful thanks from Annie.

My First Picture
Rescued 20 August 2019 on Party road.