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After weeks of feeling ill and having much pain, I started to feel better. Mom sat with me for long periods of time every day and took me for walkies. In the beginning going walkies was tiring for me, nothing compared what I can do now!

Mom walked slowly with me, one step at a time, and when I got too tired, she would pick me up and held me tight and would always say: “I won’t drop you.” I loved being carried around and would sometimes fake being tired so mom would pick me up. I think she noticed because sometimes she just laughed at me and called me her clever girl.


Fairy-Godmother came to visit me often and mom would always fetch me and put me on the couch with them to be part of the visit. I loved having visitors! Lots of people came to see me, Annie!

One day mom and Fairy-Godmother discussed finding me a home. I was sad. I looked at mom and told her “This IS my home!” but I didn’t think she understood me. I worried a lot about how I’m going to tell mom that I didn’t want to go away.


Weeks went by of frequent walks where I didn’t get tired anymore. Then came the running. At first I was a little scared to try, but as luck would have it, we got a visitor named Pebbles. He was very short and very long and very black. I wasn’t scared of Pebbles and he was very nice to me. One day Pebbles saw a lizard and ran to catch it, and I went with him. We didn’t get to the lizard before he disappeared under some flowers and then up the wall, but I ran! From that day on I am a little like Forrest Gump. Everywhere I go, I would run!


Fairy-Godmother was very surprised when she first saw me ran and said, “Ag jirre, so oulik, man!” I felt special and like a new dog!


Still, everytime Fairy-Godmother came, she would discuss my new home with mom. I felt sad. I didn’t want to go away. Every night mom came to put me to bed, I would look at her and say, “Please mom, I want to stay with you!”  I said it all the time, but mom always just kissed me on my nose, then on my head and both ears, and said, ”Sleep nicely now. I’ll see you in the morning.” She would cover me with a blankie and fold it around me so I would be nice and warm, just like a hug.


Then one day when I didn’t expect it, Fairy-Godmother pulled up in her car, mom and and Fairy-Godmothers fairy daughter put me in the car, and took me back to the hospital I came from. I was scared. Why are they doing this? Mom kept telling me, “It’s Ok, Annie! Don’t be scared!” but I was!


At the Vet
On the way back home!

They carried me to the same table I lay on that first day I almost died, and this time, I stood on it! A lady with a blue coat came, looked at me, bend and twisted my legs and then gave me two injections. It was a little bit sore, but I was too scared to make a noise.

Then mom picked me up from the table and carried me back to Fairy-Godmother’s car, and to my surprise, we came straight back home!

Everyone laughed at me making zoomies on the grass. I felt so happy! Mom called me over and tapped on the couch for me to jump up.

“You are staying here, Annie;” mom said, “forever and ever!” She gave me a big hug and I liked it very much and licked her face. I was so happy!

Shortly after that we started to get a lot of friends for stayovers. Some stayed over for long, other’s just a few nights, but I liked every second! Mom gave my room a makeover and put a real big bed in with sheets and pillows and extra blankies and a big chair I like to lie on. She said she gave me granny’s old bed, and grandpa’s armchair. I like both! Equally!


Then, one day, something strange happened. People came and started hammering at some wood, and before you know it, there was another house! A nice big blue one under the tree with a big porch! I loved the porch! Mom said the entire house was mine! We moved all my furniture and I then had my own house with a big garden and a big tree just for myself. Sometimes mom let me have sleepovers with friends I really like and we play into the night!


I’m so glad I found my home!


Finally I can work on just being me, Annie.